Maple Hardwood Sports Floors – 672 sq. ft. per court, DIN Tested– North America – Northern Hardwood Maple Wood


  • 1

    In Size 20mm x 63.5mm

  • 2

    Tongue & Groove

  • 3

    38mm x 63.5mm x 1.22m Treated Sleepers installed at 9” (23cm) distance

  • 4

    18mm Power Pads

  • 5

    Sanded, Kiln & Dried Treated

Spier Sports
Spier Sports
  • 6

    6 mil Polyethylene shall be laid on the IPS surface as vapor barrier.

  • 7

    Sleepers – 38mm x 63.5mm x 1.22m Fir, Spruce or Pine, treated with Borate shall be installed at 9” distance.

  • 8

    These sleepers have 18mm Power Pads properly stapled at 10” distance. These Power Pads are four conical Thermal Rubber (TPR) with reverse cavity.

  • 9

    Northern America Maple Strips in size 20mm x 63.5mm/83mm, in Random Lengths of 300mm – 1830mm, tongue & groove, Kiln & Dried Treated shall be installed over the sleeper.

  • 10

    The floor thus laid shall be machine sanded with drum sander – one time – i.e. coarse grade (60grit) sandpaper to leave a “nap” on the floor for non-slipperiness. The floor shall not be sealed.