Solidwood Flooring The incomparable natural beauty and elegence of solid wood floors beneath one’s feet! Available in a wide range of exotic tropical and European hardwoods from across the globe,Spier floors are 100% natural solid wood, so they not only look exquisite,but last longer than other alternatives. The range of woodspecies such as Teak, Oak,Merbau, Maple,Kempes, Tuari,American Walnut ,Jatoba,Cumaru etc. offers a wide spectrum of textures, shades and patterns to match every aesthetic demand and complement every decor. All Spier solid wood floors are factory-finished and ready-to-lay. The tongue and grove provided on all four sides of each floorboard ensures quick, precise and easy installation.The six layers of Polyurethane lacquer coating mak the floor comparitively maintenance-free. In addition, Spier floorboards can be made avaliable in various size to suit diffrent design options


Solid flooring delivers the same beauty of natural hardwood flooring but with greater versatility. The top layer of the material is solid hardwood while the base layers are designed to give the material greater stability and resistance to moisture. The result is a flooring that can be refinished just like solid hardwood but can be installed in basements and humid climates where hardwood flooring is not recommended. A good place to begin is our Engineered Wood Flooring Information Guide that explains how this material is made, what you can expect in terms of wear and durability, a look at your style and finish choices and even information on top brands and leading trends.