Engineered floor consists of three layers composed of real hard wood, stabilizing core, and balancing layer. Put together using the modern technology, this construction provides solidity and stability to every plank while restricting the expansion and contraction of wood and giving of wood and giving your floor the resilience to stand the test of time and climate.

Wooden flooring has long been a favorite among interior designers, architects, developers and homeowners. As India’s leading brand offering engineered wood flooring, Spier Floors has been committed to helping you beautify living spaces by infusing your creative genius into every piece of work. Besides offering unparalleled appeal, our wooden flooring types, being manufactured from exotic wood species, such as Walnut, Sucupira, Sapele and Ash. Choose from a spectrum of engineered wood floor designs, exuding timelessly distinct elegance.

The revolutionary technology that locks two planks together without using glue ensuring that the joints that bind the two planks never open. The lock ensures the ease of installation, giving a seamless look to your floor that withstands the effect of seasonal change and foot traffic.

1,2&3 strip plank with/without bevelled edges. Surface layers consist of sliced strips of hardwood and a backing of pine/ spruce strip of hardwood and a backing of pine/ veneer. The top layer is made of select hardwood and is up to 3.0mm in thickness. This allows resanding and refinishing atleast twice.