Different Types Of Courts


  • PU Floor
  • Maple Floor
  • Synthetic Floor
  • PP Tiles


Basketball is a game of speed, ball bounce and ball handling. Our courts are the most suitable courts which help the player to take control all the three specimens used for the game. From the first step of the court construction we take care of all the these factors which then will help the game to improve gradually. Each and every layer of the court is spread in such a way that the final court is ready with the suitable bounce and traction control.

Our Courts Feature:

  • ¾-inch shock-absorbing, suspended surface

  • Revolutionary inter-locking tile mechanism

  • Reverse spring tension mechanism

Spier Sports
Spier Sports


Basketball is one such sport where each and every body part is at work from the head to the toe. The game is played by the brain but is functioned by the body.

Spier floors provide the best wooden base for the indoor game where from the wood to the shockers provide immense help to the players toes, knees and backbone to play. Our court design includes the orthopedic benefit of lessening stress on joints which then helps the player to play for long hours with easy .

Our floors are easy to clear and maintain and are fully repairable.


We offer Sports PU flooring ranging in Multiple thickness . These are seamless wet pouring system imported material and installed with or without rubber shock-pad base having characteristics like good shock absorption and wear resistance.

PU is a new generation of sports surfaces material it has a longer lifetime, easy to maintenance. Because of the good self-leveling property, it has a smooth mirror surface. We can provide various color options that you can choose one to make a perfect customize appearance. Besides, the characteristic of seamless, dustproof, eco-friendly, anti-corrosion makes multiple court can use under all weather It has stable surface resistance, without any influence by high humidity or wears and tear of the surface.

Spier Sports

indoors sports hall covering system is applied by pouring on the floor. Because the system is liquid, it makes a seamless and smooth floor. It is easy to maintain and it has a wide range of colours. In addition to its standard colours, it can be produced in different colours upon request. Our Polyurethane based sports floor covering system is composed of the application of 4 different polyurethane components on top of the roll pad infrastructure that is produced out of the polyurethane and the recycle granulometric rubber mix that is 4-10 mm thick.

Its advantages;

  • Designed in accordance with a high performance use.

  • Environment-friendly.

  • Seamless application.

  • Perfect impact absorbing feature.

  • High tear resistance.

  • Easy to apply.

  • It is used in indoors basketball, volleyball etc

Spier Sports


They are hard-wearing, easy to install and look great. With a range of colours available, it’s easy to customise your floorspace with our flexible garage floor tiles.

Made from polypropylene our interlocking floor tiles are fitted with a simple click and lock system which snaps into place with ease. Requiring no more than minimal hand or foot pressure to help you lock the tiles together, you can easily lay your new custom floor within an afternoon and even sooner with help. Due to the ease of installation no prior floor laying experience is required and you can easily dismantle and move your flexible polypropylene flooring as needed.

Their UV stabiliser makes them fade resistant. Due to the hard-wearing polypropylene material used pretty much nothing sticks to them, meaning any spills can easily be wiped off with a cloth. The tough tiles are designed to withstand the harshest conditions. They’re resistant to any kind of a weather weather is rain or harh warm sun it sustains without any complexity.


Acryflex system are ITF approved. The synthetic material can be applied. Preparation of strong and reliable base is a must for the construction of a synthetic hard court. The ACRYFLEX SYESTEM synthetic material can be applied on asphalt or concrete base. The court can be prepared in different cushion thicknesses depending on level of players and budget. We also provide chain link fencing, lighting and storm water system in the court.


3 layer system for surfacing, new or old, tennis courts & sport-grounds of similar use. This system is also adopted for restoring wearing or weathered courts to a quality playing surface. The installation of Latex ITF, whilst not providing cushioning, will provide sure footing & confidence with reduction in injury.


5 layer system for surfacing, new or old, tennis courts & sport-grounds of similar use. This system is characterized by the interposition of 2 additional coats of liquid rubber cushion which impart a good flexibility & improve the durability of the coating.


8 layer system for surfacing, new or old, tennis courts & sport-grounds of similar use. International differs from conventional coating, including a unique blend of especially sized rubber aggregates, which imparts an outstanding playing quality. This system increases play-time by reducing players’ fatigue while providing an extremely reliable ball spin. International is considered by professional players as a top quality surface.

Customer Service

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    The base is either asphalt or concrete

  • 2

    Acrylic Primer 367-28 is % 100 acrylic latex based emulsion to improve bond of acrylic court system to concrete/ asphalt. It is ready to use product. After the primer resurfacer layer is installed which is % 100 acrylic latex based resurfacer which is blended with silca and water.

  • 3

    UNIRUBBER 367-40 is rubber filled % 100 acrylic latex based cushion coating.

  • 4

    PRECOAT 367-200 is a quartz filled % 100 acrylic latex based textured tennis topcoat.

  • 5

    OVERLINE 367-F is % 100 acrylic latex based high hiding line paints.