Badminton is a racquet sport which is casually played as a outdoor game. But on a international level its indoor sport where the professional game is played. It’s a game which is played with the full strength of the whole body. Keeping in mind the game is played the floor is to be designed in a manner that is


Maple is a solid hardwood that is milled from the maple tree which is usually available in the forest of USA and Canada. The maple flooring has three components in it which are :

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  • 1

    In Size 20mm x 63.5mm

  • 2

    Tongue & Groove

  • 3

    38mm x 63.5mm x 1.22m Treated Sleepers installed at 9” (23cm) distance

  • 4

    18mm Power Pads

  • 5

    Sanded, Kiln & Dried Treated

  • 6

    6 mil Polyethylene shall be laid on the IPS surface as vapor barrier.

  • 7

    Sleepers – 38mm x 63.5mm x 1.22m Fir, Spruce or Pine, treated with Borate shall be installed at 9” distance.

  • 8

    These sleepers have 18mm Power Pads properly stapled at 10” distance. These Power Pads are four conical Thermal Rubber (TPR) with reverse cavity.

  • 9

    Northern America Maple Strips in size 20mm x 63.5mm/83mm, in Random Lengths of 300mm – 1830mm, tongue & groove, Kiln & Dried Treated shall be installed over the sleeper.

  • 10

    The floor thus laid shall be machine sanded with drum sander – one time – i.e. coarse grade (60grit) sandpaper to leave a “nap” on the floor for non-slipperiness. The floor shall not be sealed.

These components make the floor suitable for the player to play and with his/her full strength without any injury. This system helps the player to jump on the floor to hit the shuttle with force and yet give a smooth landing on the floor without any jerk to knee or backbone.

After the installation of the wood the the lacquer polish is done on the surface which is a hard wearing polyurethane lacquer which then prevents the floor from becoming slippery and the helping the player to get a full hold of the toes with floor. Our floors are easy to clear and maintain and are fully repairable


PVC Sports Flooring Surface is moderate varicose and foam buffer layer can provide users with comfort and safety. 100% new materials, zero formaldehyde.
Use the antibacterial anti enzyme treatment process, inhibition of enzyme bacterium. According to the application requirements, can provide 10% – 60% shock absorption, so protection for user ligaments and muscles. Provide the best grip and momentum balance, reduce the possibility of any sport injury. The sports floor with different thickness can absorb the movement of 25 – 25 dB of noise. The product is wear-resistant and durable, size is constant. Inside the Gym Sport Flooring use in Cardio section and aerobics area mostly.

  • The product is made up of PVC wear-resisting coat, fiber-glass reinforced layer, and PVC foaming buffer layer
  • The brand-new material and pure PVC(100%) wear-resisting coat has been processed with age-inhibiting and tightening techniques, performing well in resisting wear and pressure.
  • PVC sheet thickness lies between 3.5mm to 6.5mm
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